9 thoughts on “I hate Tiger Woods.

  1. I am tired of Tiger too. Every magazine, website, and TV program about golf begins with him. I am sick of it. I find myself rooting against him.
    I am disgusted that the other players seem to hold him above themselves. When will someone “man up” and beat Tiger?????

  2. i am one of the guys that likes to watch all the golfer when i watch a tournament.I do watch any tournament that woods is playing in because the cameras are on him every move he makes.Even when they do watch another player they pan the camara angle so he’s in the picture.Personally i have seen enough of him.Then he had to get him a white wife prize to show off and get a mixed child.Sorry but thats the way i feel.

  3. For those who don’t think golf is a real sport I would like to watch you try and close a deal. Losers. You should thank your lucky stars to see the consistent masterful performances Tiger puts on.

  4. Any time Tiger Woods wants to come running with me, I’ll invite you (and anyone else) to watch. Any day, any time, any distance. I’m old and I’m slow, but I can still man-up to the challenge.

  5. To the person who asked the question: Yes I hate tiger woods, but who the hell are you to say golf doesn’t deserve the front page, it as a whole hell of a lot tougher than it looks. let’s start with baseball it an athletic sport, but all the over weight players make it look like a joke. who care about basketball, its just a bunch of overpaid losers, so now we have two major sports that don’t deserve the front cover. Hockey is great but no one watches it, nascar blow, so does tennis, so all thats left is football, the only sport people care about. philly sports suck, what the last time they won anything.

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